How to tie two-colored belt – Embroidery Crafts !


How to tie two-colored belt – Embroidery Crafts !

In this master class, we’ll look at how to tie a belt with the spokes using a schema. In order to make it an original two-tone belt, you need a small ball of white and red acrylic yarn, medium thickness (150 m / 50 g), spokes with a diameter of 3.5 mm, a suitable clasp and a hook for sewing parts.

Knitting needlesType on the needles 9 sts red yarn.

Belt knitting 1

Spray 6 rows of facial smoothness.

Belt knitting needles 2

In the 7th row, tie the 5th and 6th loops together.

Belt knitting needles 3

In the next 8th row, we’ll tie four sts., One cape, four strings. In the 9th row, the cape is made with a crossed cross hinge. As a result, a hole is formed on the canvas.

Belt knitting needles 4

Spray 18 rows and repeat rows 7, 8 and 9 again.

Belt knitting needles 5

Continue in the same way to make holes at regular intervals until the knitted strip reaches the desired length. Complete work with 18 rows of individuals. smooth and close all the hinges .

Belt knitting needles 6

After that, tie the second strip of white yarn. To do this, you need to re-dial 9 p. The first hole on the white belt detail must be made after 18 rows of faces. smooth, and after the last – 8 rows.

Belt knitting needles 7

Belt knitting needles 8

The total length of the red and white parts should be the same. When both strips are ready, they should be slightly stripped.

Knitting needles 9

Then put the white piece under the red and pass the tip of the white in the first hole on the red. The ends of both strips are combined.

Belt knitting needles 10

Then pass the top piece into the next hole of the bottom to the end of the strips.

Belt knitting needles 11

As a result, you should get a two-color workpiece .

Belt knitting needles 12

At its ends, use a hook to fasten the fasteners.

Belt knitting needles 13

The belt is ready.

Belt with spokes 14

Belt knitting needles 15

Belt knitting needles 16



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