Embroidery stitching guide – Buds – Bees – Ladybugs/Ladybirds !


Embroidery stitching guide – Buds – Bees – Ladybugs/Ladybirds !


 1. Work a padded straight stitch.
2. Work shading on the bud. In a contrasting colour, work a straight stitch from the base
of the bud to about half way up the bud.
3. Work 2 more straight stitches from the base of the bud and fanning out either side of the
first stitch. These two stitches will be slightly shorter.
4. Work a fly stitch around the bud in green.
Add extra straight stitches where required.


 Fun to add to flower gardens.
1. Work a padded straight stitch in yellow to the size you wish for the bee body.
2. In a black or navy thread work 2 couching stitches over the padded straight stitch to
form stripes on the bee body.
3. Work a single stitch at the end of the bee for his ‘stinger’ and 2 long armed french
knots at the head end to form feelers.
4. To work the wings, thread a metallic thread and a cream thread into the same needle
and work four lazy daisy stitches. The two upper wings are larger and tilted forward.
They are worked high up on the body.
5. The two lower wings are smaller and tilt down. These come from the same point as
the upper wings.


 1. With a red thread work a padded straight stitch to the body size you require.
2. Thread up with a black thread and lay a stitch down the centre of the body.
3. In black, work 2 spots on the wings. Work french knots and pull them down hard so
they sit in among the satin stitches. Or you may wish to work straight stitches.
4. In black, work 2-3 stitches across the top of body for the head.
5. In black, work feelers and legs (optional).


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