How to Make Mini Yarn Pom Poms Easy DIY !


How to Make Mini Yarn Pom Poms Easy DIY !

Now I’m all skillful hands will tell you how to make a bubo of the thread if your native who was wearing came off, and you have lost it by accident.
I’ll tell you one way, from which you can make two kinds of bubo bubo – bubo and ball – Pyramid.

how to make thread from buboTo understand how to do bubo cap to take such things:
– the thread roll
– matchbox
– Scissors
That’s it, not too much, right?

Now down to business:

Pyramidal bubo.

1. winded on the box thread a little more, then bubonchik is magnificent.
bubo of thread
2. Cut the thread on either side of the box. Carefully!
do bubo
3. Carefully add up the two bundles of threads and rewind in the middle of a separate thread.
make bubo
Important! The thread must be long, as the bubo must hang from the top of the hat.
4. Next, add up all the limbs together and rewinding the same thread on top.
Pyramidal bubo is ready!
bubonic do

Bubo – ball.

1. The same is wound onto a matchbox thread, but you can on your fingers.
2. Remove the wound and tied a long string in the middle.
bubo with thread
3. On both ends of the cut thread.
bubo cut with scissors
4. Properly raspushivaem limbs.
how to make thread from bubo
Important! For this bubo thread will need much more than the pyramid.

Well, my craftsmen, now you know how to make a bubo of the thread on the cap, lucky you craft your own hands .
And I almost forgot, if you are interested in other crafts, read for example how to make a magic wand at home .


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