DIY Embroidery Projects for Beginner – Canvas Fabric !


DIY Embroidery Projects for Beginner – Canvas Fabric !

Today we will do with their hands out of the canvas cloth under the cup, which will embroider openwork. This will serve as a perfect napkin on a festive table decoration.

Cloth canvas main

For the manufacture of napkins, we need:

• outline;
• red and white thread embroidery;
• blade;
• needle;
• scissors;
• line;
• pencil.

Using a ruler and pencil to draw in canvas 15×15 cm square in size. It is important that the line was strictly between the two threads, that is, do not jump to other cells and was flat. Thus we work in the future.

From 1 Napkin canvas

Top and back down the side edges of 5 cm. Now, since the blade cuts through the same two bands of cells which are parallel to the sides. Carefully cut 5 strands so that short strings are not sprawl. Cut the best on the mat for cutting or on the surface, which is not a pity to damage.

We begin pulling the needle thread only in the direction of the inside of a square.

Canvas cloth 2

Short of 5 cm to the other end, an incision over the canvas and pull all the threads 5. Thus forming a square within the tissue. We have prepared columns of threads of the canvas, of which very easily will fulfill the frayed section.

Napkin canvas 3

Since we notched blade thread that some of their ends left free and if they are not protected, the result raspolzutsya yarn and cloth will look sloppy. Therefore, threading a red thread the needle and start processing the cut edge of the canvas. Skipping one box and starting with the second from the bottom up as if wrapped with edge thread. Is wound twice, piercing needle into the same hole.


Hide the thread end, piercing the needle through the back side seams. Just as we do, if the thread runs out at any stage of embroidery.

Canvas cloth 4

At the end of the output needle up and begins to perform the frayed section. Needle grabs two bars of the threads and needle again deduce for themselves.

Napkin canvas 5

Then the needle penetrates the right-most cell of a top-down and display the needle itself. Thus fulfilling the seam “brush” on all sides.

Napkin canvas 6

Canvas cloth 7

Thereafter, the same joint on the other side in the inner square, but at the same time grab the two bars of different brushes. It turns seam “split”.

Cloth canvas 8

We carry out a seam around the edge, and then embroider hearts scheme. You can choose any image you wish.

Cloth canvas 9

Napkin canvas 19

Now process the edge of the napkin . Very gently pulls the skin, leaving only two to have the seam. It is necessary to pull out very carefully, because you can not pull the string or pull too much and spoil the whole picture. Therefore it is better with one hand to hold the warp yarns, which must remain in place, and another pull out.

Napkin canvas 10

We carry a brush with white thread around the edge of the cloth, but at the same time capturing as much as 4 column.

Cloth canvas 11

A smooth, neat brush.

Cloth canvas 12

That’s how easy it is to make such decorations as the napkin under the cup out of the canvas with his own hands.

Cloth canvas 13

Cloth canvas 14

Cloth canvas 15

Cloth canvas 16

Cloth canvas 17


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