How to Make a Crochet Flower for Beginner – DIY .


How to Make a Crochet Flower for Beginner – DIY . 

flower knittingWe have already made the flowers of plastic with their hands , the flowers of the tapes , and now let’s try to tie the flower that you really appreciate the variety of forms and methods.

I must say – hack for those who have little understanding in the knitting.

Looking for:
Knitting yarn three – four colors.
Old pin from the handle.
A piece of foam or a jar of yogurt (yogurt must first eat).
A thin but resilient wire.
A little bead large.


1. Provyazyvaem chain of five loops (working tool hook, thread – of any color), close and tied in a circle in a row.
The result seredinka flower.

middle, tied flower

2. The common thread of a different color will knit petals. Again “five loops” and at regular intervals bind to the core.

knit epestki

3. Now, each petal (as in the middle of a) binds, and attach the desired shape. If you want to lepestochek turned elongated, by the middle lobe in one loop provyazyvayte immediately nakida 3-4.


4. Placing this first layer we petals with the bottom side of the flower, again making the chain loops 5, anchoring them to the middle.

knit tsvektok
weave flower
Flower from threads
knitted flower

Do not worry, it just sounds so scary, in fact, takes 5-10 minutes! And also the lower layer provyazyvaem petals.
You want very lush flower ?? Then the number of tiers must be appropriate and each bottom layer should be increased.

5. For a change, I’m out of wire and beads inserted “pistils and stamens.” But this is not necessary.

flower tied

6. Take the old core of the pen (length and width does not matter) and its thread winding (preferably green).

we do stem

7. The resulting stalk, we need to strengthen in something else. Suitable foam or even a cup of yogurt. Any pedestal wrap thread or drape a cloth. I was useful foam which were previously wound thread.

Stand for flowers made of threads

8. Insert the stem-stem (the sharp end of the bottom) in the pedestal on top of a pin with a decorative tip (a needle with a ball), attach the color to the rod.

Flower from threads
of yarn knitting flowers

9. And now with green thread tie long-long chain, knit on it a number of 1-2 and a blank around the stem. Refreshing green foliage.

knit leaves

If your pedestal is unstable, then the corners of the bottom of injection needles with 4 balls – it will be legs.

crochet flowers for beginners

This is such a beautiful flower we turned, it is very difficult to make it at first glance, but when you start, hack of the threadseem very easy.


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