DIY Basic Stitches – How to work Bullion Knot Stitch !


DIY Basic Stitches – How to work Bullion Knot Stitch !

1. Make sure that your thread is well anchored. Bring the MILLINERS needle
up at A.
The end of the bullion where the thread first comes out of the fabric (A) will be the fattest
end when making a tapered bullion.
2. Go down at B (The size of the stitch will depend on the size you want your bullion) and back through near A. Do not pull the needle through. Do not catch the thread at A.

If you go back down at A and then to B you will get a thread running beside
your bullion.
If you do not go back close to A you will get a loop at one end of the bullion.


3. Fold the fabric so you have complete control of the wraps as they go on the needle.
Your pointer finger will tap them and hold them in position.

4. You can now start wrapping. Wrap the thread around the needle close to the fabric until it looks the same distance as the stitch in the fabric. Add 2-3 extra wraps. Determining the number of wraps takes a little practice.

Do not spiral the thread up the needle and push them into position. This gives an unevenly wrapped bullion.

Adding more wraps to a bullion makes it curve more.


5. Place your thumb and finger to hold the wraps on both sides. This gives you total control.

6. With the other hand pull the needle through. Do not let go of the wraps and pull the thread tight.

Pull the needle rather than pushing from the eye as this tends to lock the wraps onto the needle.

7. Be quite brutal with your bullion at this stage. Keep pulling tightly as you flip the bullion towards point B. Take the needle down at B to finish


If you wish to tighten or make adjustment to the bullion, do this before you go down to finish.
If the bullion is too loose, or uneven or a disaster, ‘tickle it’s tummy with the eye of the needle’ and
pull the thread to tighten.
When shaping bullions, position the bullion and put your thumb on top to hold it in place and tug the thread to ‘lock’ the bullion into position.


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