Blanket Stitch the Variations


Blanket Stitch the Variations 

Eyelet blanket stitch is used to work hollyhocks and other flowers.

1. Draw a circle to guide in the placement of the eyelet.
2. Bring the needle up at A on the outside edge of the eyelet and pull the thread through. Insert the needle into the centre of the eyelet (B) and bring the needle out a C.
Make sure the thread is looped behind the needle. Pull through.
3. Loop the thread down and to the right.
Insert the needle into the centre again (B) and bring up at D, Pull through catching the looped thread. Continue anti-clockwise until the circle is filled.

The look of this eyelet will vary with the
density of the stitches.

It can be very difficult to join this stitch if you run out of thread.

1. Do not finish off your first thread. Leave it hanging on the surface of your work.
2. Bring in the new thread from underneath the work. Come up next to the old thread – in the same hole if you can and work with this thread until the eyelet is finished.
End off the second thread.
3. Thread up the end of the first thread and take it through to the back – check the surface to see the tension is even and end off.


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