Blanket Stitch the Variations


Blanket Stitch the Variations

You can work a small segment of the eyelet to form foxgloves, daffodils and bell shaped flowers. I find it useful to draw the bell shape with a water-soluble pen to help with correct positioning.
1. Draw the bell shape or arc of the circle.
2. Come out at A. I usually make the first stitch slant up more and make it slightly longer.
3. Insert the needle into the top of the bell (B) and out at C, on the edge of the bell. Make sure the thread is looped under the needle.
4. Continue working the blanket stitch eyelet – pivoting from the top of the bell at B.
The size of the bells can be graded by increasing the number of stitches in the bell.
5. When finished the bell you will need to work a fly stitch to keep the bell shape. Insert the needle in at F and out close to E, with the thread looped under the needle pull into position so this last stitch angles up.
6. Catch down the loop close to E.


1. Transfer the heart shape onto the background fabric.
2. Work a lazy daisy stitch starting at the bottom of the heart (A) and bringing the needle out at the top-centre (B), but do not anchor the stitch – this will loop under the needle for the blanket stitch.
3. Put the needle in at c on the lower edge of the heart and out at D on the upper edge.
Make sure the thread is looped under the needle for the blanket stitch.
4. Continue to work blanket stitch in this way along the side of the heart.
5. On the last stitch, firmly pull the anchor stitch to curve around the heart shape and take through to the back.
6. To work the other half of the heart, go back to the centre and come up inside the lazy daisy at the top edge and work blanket stitch for the other side.



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