How to Make Weave Mandala for beginners – Yarn Projects .


How to Make Weave Mandala for beginners – Yarn Projects .

In this master class, you will learn how to make a mandala weaving for beginners of the thread with your hands, just to be offered their own schemes and photos. Mandalas are associated with the ancient traditional religions, Buddhism, Judaism. The word translated as – circle. This thing is a complex geometric plexus used for meditation and harmony. To create a mandala with his own hands, you can use any material, metal, wood, thread, various patterns as well made.


Materials that would weave the mandala for beginners:

1. Scissors;
2. Multi-colored thick thread;
3. Four ordinary toothpicks.

It does not need a lot of material, and the hack is not difficult for those who like to work with threads. It will take about 30 minutes at the beginning. But we need to teach beginners.

Pletenie-mandaly-dlya-nachinayushhih 1

To begin with we take two toothpicks same size. Tying them together in the middle of the thread.

Pletenie-mandaly-dlya-nachinayushhih 2

Turn toothpicks forming a cross and tied them diagonally on the one and on the other hand, what would fix.

Pletenie-mandaly-dlya-nachinayushhih 3

We must weave a square. On each beam makes a loop, moving slowly, but in the end we hide under the existing tail braid. Fit to see for yourself, you can finish at any time, but most importantly the same number of knots on each side.

Pletenie-mandaly-dlya-nachinayushhih 4

Take a different color thread, fix it on the same beam.

Pletenie-mandaly-dlya-nachinayushhih 5

And move on sequentially in a circle creating a loop.

Pletenie-mandaly-dlya-nachinayushhih 6

Here is what you should have. The amount of square adjust themselves.

Pletenie-mandaly-dlya-nachinayushhih 7

Among other toothpicks do similar actions. Color thread take one blue, but these boxes still almost not visible. Required dimensions must be the same.

Pletenie-mandaly-dlya-nachinayushhih 8

Put one part to another. For any ray of the upper part of the orange tie thread.

Pletenie-mandaly-dlya-nachinayushhih 9

We begin to weave, passing successively from the top to the bottom of the beam, and so on. It turns a beautiful figure in the form of an asterisk.

Pletenie-mandaly-dlya-nachinayushhih 10

If you turn over home-made weaving will look like this.

Pletenie-mandaly-dlya-nachinayushhih 11

Now only do netting bottom.

Pletenie-mandaly-dlya-nachinayushhih 12

Then on top. Take the thread of a different color.

Pletenie-mandaly-dlya-nachinayushhih 13

Again create nodes passing successively from beam to beam. NOT much much propletaem.

Pletenie-mandaly-dlya-nachinayushhih 14

At the end of the simplest element. From the beam to beam a stretch yarn by making one loop.

Pletenie-mandaly-dlya-nachinayushhih 15

To insert the original layer of a different color.

Pletenie-mandaly-dlya-nachinayushhih 16

Carefully make a loop on any tip.

Pletenie-mandaly-dlya-nachinayushhih 17

Last time we pass around, but at the same time do a few loops up and down. Thereby closing edge.

Pletenie-mandaly-dlya-nachinayushhih 18

That’s the original artifact we turned. Hope was beginning everything is clear and easy to embody this creature.

Pletenie-mandaly-dlya-nachinayushhih 19


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