Hand Basic Stitches – How to sew beads on the jacket .


Hand Basic Stitches – How to sew beads on the jacket . 

How to sew beads on the jacket

. Author crafts: Catherine Zarubin
crafts called – “For girls, beads on a sweater.”

Today we will try to get a little povyshivat, you will learn how to sew beads on the jacket in raw form, such as such as happens in the wedding dresses 2013 year. Embroider certainly know how many women, as this article is just for them, but we must be able to embroider unique items and unique way.
If your favorite things “were” ink stains or knitted blouse “crept loop” – how to get the thing in the “system” ?
It can be very easy to spot and drape sewn seats embroidered flowers with beaded decoration.
Hoop required – not to tighten the fabric.


Sewing threads of different colors.
Fasten the thread with a needle in the fabric, and then cheat on the needle thread (30-40 loops to 5 mm distance).

sew thread
igolaka and thread embroidery

After winding stretch needle and fix strung in the shape of the semicircular petals.

thread petal

So do as long as the size of the flower closes spot. Beads and beads sew on request.

Flower from threads
flowers of thread

Screw as much as you see fit. The more the individual patterns of embroidery.

flowers from threads and beads
embroidery flowers
embroidered flowers on the jacket

Bead can not just sew, but also makes the animal, such as a butterfly bead .


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